A critique of loves baby soft perfume advertisement

Show all reviews United States I still have a small bottle for memories sake. I enjoyed this as a very young child and I find the smell comforting. Sometimes I will wear it around the house or spray it on my pillow before going to bed.

A critique of loves baby soft perfume advertisement

I never tried this as a teen, though I know it was the first for many girls. In fact, in reminds me of vintage Halston.


Very enticing, very grown-up scent for a woman who is getting ready for physical love with her partner. Sep Eyviab This perfume is so nostalgic to me!

I used to spray it on my baby dolls and on myself thinking it was such a beautiful powdery baby smell! A hint of florals make it beautiful and delicate oh how I loved this!

I hope to create awesome memories for them as well!

A critique of loves baby soft perfume advertisement

Sep Southern Blonde This is a good intro to powdery florals for young girls. It was considered an adult fragrance but it was so powdery so floral-sweet and delicate that it smelled like baby powder so it was appropriate for children as well.

The bottle is so cute with the pink lid resembles a feminine deodorant. The perfume itself can be described as powdery, sweet and floral. I could smell the rose and vanilla, as powder.

This is a baby rosebud. Everything about it is dreamy soft and feminine. It was a favorite of mine as a kid. I was pleased to rediscover it and to learn that it was still selling and has never been discontinued. I wear this mostly for myself and nostalgia and to wear it as a casual morning scent.

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In fact the peach scent brings out the florals which lack fruit. Sep deviation This perfume is for days when I feel I want to be very gentle with people around me and feel extremely feminine at the same time.

It smells like baby powder. Sep suduch wore as a little girl.

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I was struck by what the previous reviewer said about spraying on pillows. I was staying in a non-smoking room on a non-smoking floor.

What a great memory! I spray it on myself and wear the lotion. To me, it does not smell plastic or otherwise. It is comforting and sweet; but not like Pink Sugar. Pink Sugar is candy sweet.

I guess two different aspects of Innocence. Both are classics in their own way. Both are comforting, pretty, cute and "go well" with both my chemistry and personality. Please, does, anyone know what I can do with all these perfumes I no longer care to wear or "should" wear?

And all of you, please keep up your great "noses" in action and review.

A critique of loves baby soft perfume advertisement

All this said, perhaps the best way to wear LBS is over rose absolute essential oil that had been gently dropped into bathwater just before bed on a cold winter night and then spritzed on in the morning for a reminder or warmth and rest.

I still love to wear this to bed. Not to mention, the scent brings back memories of a simpler time as a child. I just forget all my troubles and big girl responsibilities and go peacefully to sleep. Tomorrow is another day. The scent has changed some. There is a plastic smell, but it lasts for only a few minutes as it warms on my skin.

Lavender is definitely present and it is powdery. Then, it gets deeper.In early Love Cosmetics started marketing Purple Sage, Tumbleweed, and Prairie Dawn eyeshadow shades.

In April Love Cosmetics began to make a line of Baby Soft products meant for adults. The items were scented with an innocent fragrance most often associated with babies. There was a Baby soft talc, a body lotion, and a foam bath.

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Shop with confidence. I have no idea of this love baby soft cologne before. I just read all the review first before i placed my order and it seems like it is a good product. I love the smell. But, unlike other inexpensive "drug store" fragrance concoctions, Love's Baby Soft never smelled cheap.

That it's still floating around out there is a testament to its universal appeal: talcum powder, babies, sweetness, innocence, spring flowers and .

Daisy Love manages to be inviting but is inherently cheap. Once again, as with every other Daisy, the best feature of the perfume is the bottle, with its big, plastic daisy petals sprouting out of the stopper, like a thoroughly inviting, tactile children’s toy I cannot stop fiddling with/5(). Part of the perfume capsule collection launched in , Les Frivolites epitomizes the pink color of the "la Joie de Vivre" collection and embodies well the lightness and delicacy of a soft pink. It is something that could be silly but that is very well executed and that it becomes chic in the hands of Luca Maffei. ‘You've Come a Long Way, Baby’: The Lag Between Advertising and Feminism Even at the height of ‘women’s liberation,’ products aimed to female consumers were actually marketed to men.
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