Business plan film italiano per famiglia

Cooper, ingegnere ed ex-pilota della NASAvive e lavora nella sua fattoria con la sua famiglia, composta dal suocero Donald e dai suoi figli Tom e la dodicenne Murphy chiamata Murph. La piccola Murph, prodigio della matematica, assiste nella sua stanza a strani fenomeni quali la caduta di libri e di altri oggetti dalla libreria: Durante una grande tempesta di polvere, il fantasma forma strisce di sabbia sul pavimento.

Business plan film italiano per famiglia

Wine for me is food. It has always been food. I could not understand why so many wine-growers put so many unecessary chemicals on their land. They were spraying chemicals which damaged their soil, which made the grapes harder to ferment, and which made the wines lose their individuality.

These wine-growers did not used chemicals on their vegetables. So why did they use so many chemicals on the vines? It made no sense. I kept going back to Bordeaux to learn how to make wine and discoverved biodynamics there in by accident.

I had never heard this word before so I started doing some research. I started writing about wine, did some TV and radio for BBC, wrote some books and went to work on organic and biodynamic estates in France, Germany and California to learn more. I then did a few more books on biodynamic wine, a book on biodynamic gardening, a TV series called Chateau Monty about me making biodynamic wine in Roussillon in France, and I started consulting too Germany, Argentina, Chile, England etc.

The wine-grower is paying you because they want to change. Your job as consultant is to allow them to see the work in the vineyard as something which will help them grow and develop as people, as farmers, as creatives which is what wine-making is, you create each year something new — and not as something which will be a hassle, which will be difficult, which will make them lose money or their pride in their work.

Wine-growers who take this really lazy track often get poor results: I always start by getting growers to make lots of compost from high quality manure.

business plan film italiano per famiglia

This is complicated, time-consuming, costly, and logistically challenging and requires a high degree of expertise and commitment to get it right.

Anyone can prune by the moon, but not everyone has the will or the sensitivity to make good compost. The sun is too strong, and the soil is too weak. And in the case of Biodynamics the compost also brings formative forces or processes to the soil which allows the vines to tune back in to lunar and seasonal cycles.

The soil should be like a sponge which can process soak up, drink rainfall whilst also allowing mineralisation the soil to digest food and give it to vines and preventing the erosion of the soil and its minerals and worms. This type of soil has become like a swimming pool. The vine roots cannot work properly.

The vine produces too many grapes, too many leaves, unripe flavours, unripe acids. Treat your vineyard like you would treat your vegetable garden.

Have a biodiverse mix of plants, top the soil up with high quality biodynamic compost every so often, allow plants the right balance of heat and light and water and earth.

Then you will enjoy the food that you grow and eat for dinner: Your definition of Biodynamics? What about bio certification?

I see no disadvantages regarding certification, either for wine producers or for wine drinkers. Wine producers who complain about the costs of certification—fees and extra paperwork—are happy to pay fees and complete extra paperwork when declaring their wines as DOC or DOCG. Also, wine importers and government monopolies Canada, Scandinavia want certification, documentation.

Yes, but they eventually get caught via soil or wine analysis. Organic and biodynamic certification means you have to record everything. It can be a good way of helping wine producers really see what products they are spraying, how much of it they are spraying, when—and whether or not it worked.

I will also have to pay for certification.

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For my foreign readers, I would like to share the original version of the interview I had the pleasure to do with Monty Waldin, about his concept of wine, the bio certification and the biodynamic wine in Italy.


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(click here for the Italian version). Alan Pascuzzi is the subject of a feature article in this current issue of PRIMO - 4th edtion Based in Florence, Italy, Pascuzzi has created works of art for churces, public and private clients. The IPCC is currently in its Sixth Assessment cycle.

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