Essay on mexico in spanish

Why do Mexicans make refried beans? Ever heard of a Mexican doing something right the first time.

Essay on mexico in spanish

The heavy concentration of minerals gives the soil a reddish tint. The Agave tequilana A.

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Weber species Weber Blue Agave thrives in this region. The ecosystem absorbs water when it rains thus no irrigation is necessary to farm the agave plants. During my visit to the towns or El Arenal, Amatitan, Tequila, Atotnilco, Jesus Maria and Arandas in MayI visited a dozen tequila distilleries and observed many variances in the manufacturing processes used at these different facilities.

Harvesting the agave plant remains a manual effort, unchanged by modern farming technologies, and stretching back hundreds of years.

The agave is planted, tended, and harvested by hand. Too soon and there are not enough sugars, too late and the plant will have used its sugars to grow a quiote foot high stemwith seeds on the top that are then scattered by the wind.

Rafael, Jimador at Tres Mujeres Distillery in Amatitan, Jalisco pictured hereexplained that he harvests about agaves daily.

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As a quick overview, there are three different methods being used today to make tequila. This process is characterized by the use stone-lined cooking ovens, wooden fermentation tanks, and steam copper pot stills. During the shredding process, the fibers are washed with water to help extract the sugars.

This process is characterized by the use of stainless steal autoclaves, stainless fermentation tanks, and stainless pot stills. The product is then fed through an in-line cooker. Within each process there are additional variances, combinations and exceptions used by the manufacturers which helps define the quality of the final product.

Of the distilleries I visited, method 2 was by far the most common process being used. In the following description of the manufacturing process, I will insert some of the variances I observed during my visits to tequila distilleries. At less than degrees Fahrenheit Cthe slow cooking process reduces caramelizing which can add bitter flavor and reduce the precious sugars while maintaining much of the natural agave flavor.

Essay on mexico in spanish

The cooking breaks down the fibers and releases the natural juices. The autoclave acts as a huge pressure cooker. The autoclave method reduces the cooking time to about 18 hours.

The idea is to cook the agave hearts slowly to convert the starch to sugar. Some companies use a five-stage mechanical press system while other smaller operations may use a one-stage system, or something in between.

Water is introduced to the shredding process to help extract the sugars from the agave fibers. The old traditional style of manufacturing tequila using the tahona stone is labor intensive and time consuming.

Most manufacturers have discontinued use of the tahona. These wheels, weighing about two tons, are pulled by mule to crush the agave fibers. Many experts believe the tahona method yields a better product, thus some producers have maintained this capability and continue to use it for their premium brands.

The mosto is transferred to large fermentation vats. Yeast is added to accelerate the process of converting the sugars into alcohol. Each company keeps their own yeast a tight secret.

The sugar level of the mosto is monitored during fermentation. The time required to complete fermentation about days depends on the environment. It will take longer in the winter when temperatures are lower.

Some manufacturers will accelerate yeast growth by adding chemicals resulting in less body. Some manufacturers speed fermentation by using cane or brown sugar cones piloncillo allowing them to produce more product with fewer or less mature plants.

This type of tequila called mixto can be bottled anywhere or sold in bulk to other countries with less stringent regulations regarding agave content. The San Nicolas Distillery in Arandas uses natural yeast from one part of the agave plant to manufacture their Espolon brand, and yeast from another part of the agave plant for their Corazon Tequila.

I observed another interesting variation at the old Siete Leguas factory in Atotonilco. They transfer the mosto along with the tahona-crushed agave fibers to their fermentation tanks. Siete Leguas believes keeping the fibers with the mosto during fermentation and the first distillation enhances the agave flavor.

Siete Leguas blends tequila produced at their old factory with tequila produced at their new factory to achieve the desired flavor profile. Once fermentation is complete, the mosto may be left to settle for about 12 hours to richen.The Languages and Cuisine of Mexico Essays Words | 4 Pages.

overwhelming majority of Mexicans today speak Spanish making it the largest Spanish speaking population in the world there is no single official national language of Mexico.

Spanish is the official language of 21 countries, including Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia and Colombia, and is the fourth most popular language on the Internet.

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Spanish is one of the official languages of the United Nations. Database of FREE Spanish essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas. Sample Spanish essays! Mexico Patriota - Spanish Essay - En México problemas causados por la gran vorágine capitalista, tales como la pobreza y la falta de educación, aquejan diariamente a sus habitantes y atentan contra la preservación de sus costumbres y la diversidad cultural.

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