No matter how loud i shout essay help

Anyone interested in the problem of crime should read Edward Humes's gripping account of how future criminals are shaped in youth, and how the system misses its chance to help them before they're lost for good. Humes's book, which, despite its grim subject matter, has a narrative power that keeps you reading right to the end.

No matter how loud i shout essay help

On this basis, he is able bring out a vivid picture of how the juvenile system looks like and how it works. Juvenile justice in this sense has been explored exposing the secrets that have been kept from the public view and scrutiny.

In this connection, Humes makes his main focus on five children through the forlorn halls of the Los Angeles juvenile court. Principally, he unfolds the story of the 15 year old killer that the system cannot kill.

Secondly, the story of a boy imprisoned for a murder he did not commit is explored with a gripping tone. Thirdly, the story of an abused child who instead of being helped is imprisoned is brought into view. Again, the author explores a story of an honor student who drives by shooting.

Last of the five children of main focus, is the gangbanger who finds rescue in the eyes of an impeded girl.

no matter how loud i shout essay help

Basically, the author has reflected on these incidents in order to address the fact that the system is in chaos although it seems that all things are working well. It is from this point of view that the main points of the author will be brought into light followed by an examination of the relevance of the main points.

Altogether, the book will be explored critically along with a conclusion of the report. Generally, the book has been written in a fascinating style that will keep one desiring to read. The reader is introduced to the story of Ronald Duncan ailing from a middle class home.

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Previously, he has no crime records but this time he is caught having shot his employers as they drove him home the next day as he boasted of the act to a friend Humes,p. By so doing, he was revenging for having been chastised by them when he came late to the shop.

In line with this he manages to get the money that they had received on the same day. For this Ronald was sentenced to a prison term service of eight years as he was nearing his 16th birthday, remaining only nine days. At the same time, the story of Geri Vance is brought into the context unveiling the fact that he was innocent and though he took part in the robbery he was not a killer.

So to articulate, the reason that made Geri to be caught was that he took a crime partner to hospital. For real he was not a killer but he was trying to help a life and in this sense being caught he was charged with murder after confessing the Best Western motel robbery.

This would mark his sentence in the following years Humes,p. Despite the unveiling of the events in the court, he came from a background of drug abusers, guns, bloody beatings and prostitution. In fact in his written letters he exposes the fact that his father prostituted all the day From this background information and the fact that he did not fire his gun, Geri was subjected to an adult treatment as he has already turned Although he was determined to reform, his shouting proved to be an exercise in futility.

He potentially faced a life imprisonment without a parole. Fortunately, a following plea bargain brought the years of imprisonment to a maximum of A comparison of Ronald and Geri who ended up in the same juvenile court brings into view how the juvenile justice system has been incapacitated to handle cases.

No Matter How Loud I Shout

Accordingly, for the polite Carla James who is a good girl from a good family with caring parents is caught after shooting somebody in a drive shooting. She seems to be not afraid of anything and she is imprisoned for the murder. She also appears to be courageous and with a dazzling smile that would draw majority to her.

Though she is aware of the wickedness of shooting she goes on to do it Humes,p. Though caring, loving and courageous, she is the same girl who shoots a gun unremorsefully. She is in the record of those girls who choose to commit violent crimes without linkages to some sort of abuse and deprivation.

To the juvenile justice system this is a challenge. The issue of Sureno who was 13 years old, confessed that he was not taught how to become a father and develop good mannerisms although he was potentially capable Humes,p.Now updated with a new introduction and afterword, this award-winning examination of the nation’s largest juvenile criminal justice system in Los Angeles by a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist is “an important book with a message of great urgency.

Please click button to get shout book now. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. Get this from a library! No matter how loud I shout: a year in the life of Juvenile Court.

[Edward Humes] -- "With the urgency of a suspense novel and the power of investigative reporting, Humes take readers onto the street with flak-jacketed probation officers fighting to keep kids alive, into the. Based on Somebody else’s Children and No Matter How Loud I Shout, what are the dominant characteristics of the juvenile court?

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No Matter How Loud I Shout. By Edward Humes They really did help me graduate college.’’ Bill K.

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