Prostate cancer essay paper

Both Active Surveillance AS and Watchful Waiting WW are used to describe the choice made by men who elect not to have immediate conventional treatment. A distinction is often made between the two: Active Surveillance AS involves undertaking a number of measures to track any changes in a diagnosed early stage, low risk or very low risk disease.

Prostate cancer essay paper

Prostate Cancer — Essay Sample Abstract Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer diagnosed in men around the world today. Despite years of research, little is known as to the exact cause of prostate cancer, making it an area of intense research in medicine today.

The pathology of prostate cancer has yielded important information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment methods. It has been understood that diet has much to do with tumor growth, and new research into nutrition is revealing new strategies in prostate cancer prevention.

Genetics also play an important factor and must be taken into consideration A number of new treatments for prostate cancer have been successfully implemented.

Since prostate cancer is most common in men 50 and older it is for the, as well as for younger men, to be aware of prostate cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment options. The healthcare physician can play an important role in patient education to help patients know how they can prevent prostate cancer from occurring.

Overview A gland that occurs only in men, the prostate is a small, walnut sized gland associated with the male reproductive system. This small organ is prone to a number of diseases, one of which is prostate cancer.

While the exact cause of prostate cancer is still unknown, it effects a large number of men, especially in America, making it a great cause of concern for American over the age of While the exact cause of prostate cancer is still unclear, there are several factors that have been linked to its frequency.

It has been noted that men that have a low consumption of fish oils have have a higher rate of prostate cancer than those with a high consumption of fish oils Terry et al, Dietary fat has also been linked to the occurrence of prostate cancer in men.

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Dietary fats may alter the production of sex hormones and growth factors, leading to an increased risk for prostate cancer Porth,p. In addition, those who have a diet high in vitamins D and E, selenium, soy, green tea and tomato-rich products which contain lycopene typically have a lower occurrence Porth,p.

Genetics has also been found to be an important factor in determining who is at risk for prostate cancer. It is unclear as to whether this genetic disposition has to do with actual gene defects or with similar patterns in diet and lifestyle.

Prognosis There are many factors that impact the prognosis of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is uncommon in men under the age of Another factor is race. Prostate cancer is most common in men of African American descent Porth,p. Weight can also factor in to the likelihood of a person having prostate cancer due to the fact that it is indicative of a diet high in dietary fats, which has been linked to prostate cancer.

Prevention While there is no single way to prevent prostate cancer there are several things that can be done to help reduce the risk of developing it.In moderate doses caffeine has mainly positive effects for most people.

But it increases production of cortisol, which can lead to health problems including anxiety, weight gain and heart disease. Prostate cancer support requires a special kind of understanding, especially for the newly-diagnosed. YANA gives total support to the whole family.

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Treatment for Prostate Cancer Essay. Words 9 Pages. Show More. Introduction Studies have shown that that 25% of men that are diagnosed with cancer are usually diagnosed with prostate cancer.

What is the prostate?

It has progressed so much that it is the 3rd common cause of death in men in the USA. Drugs for prostate cancer have made progressed so much in just.

The prostate continues to grow with age, and in older men it can sometimes lead to prostate cancer. (ACS ) Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men besides skin cancer. The American Cancer society has predicted that there will be , new cases of prostate cancer in and of those diagnosed 27, will die as a direct result.

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Prostate cancer essay paper

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