Rencontre darles 2014

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Rencontre darles 2014

Rencontre darles 2014

The festival was just held from July 7 to September The Parc, hosting approximately 25 out of the overall 60 exhibitions at Rencontres, has attracted thousands of visitors every summer since This year, they also came to see and photograph the emerging cultural campus of the Luma Foundation headed by Swiss-born billionaire Maja Hoffmann, a major partner of the Rencontres d'Arles.

As a result, the Rencontres d'Arles Rencontre darles 2014 now seeking new venues. Representatives for the Luma campus maintain that it will continue to host the summer exhibitions for the Rencontres for a symbolic rental fee.

The show, as they say, must go on. At the Ateliers, the building site of F. Every Rencontre darles 2014 for 15 years, it becomes a citywide stage. How to leave this stage, if not theatrically? The tone was set for high drama thwarted love, betrayal, political intrigue, buffoonery, epic rather than light comedy.

So it was natural to offer a last parade to some of the many friends who have shaped the recent history of the festival: Where to display the whole program?

With this pivotal edition, the issue of venues was of crucial concern. To replace the lost spaces at the Ateliers, the city of Arles lent the festival an empty four-story office building.

But the venue was so unattractive that the low-budget scenography tried to cover it up by plunging visitors into the dark. They were given a flashlight to view the shows which turned out to be laborious when trying to explore "The Chinese Photobooks", an exhibition of several-hundred books dealing with Maoist propaganda collected by Martin Parr and WassinkLundgren, or "Greetings from the Colonies", a sexist collection of French colonial postcards.

However, the festival also had some good surprises in store. From Karl Blossfeld to Richard Avedon to Ai Weiwei, the faultless exhibition "Typology, Taxonomy and Seriality" featured a selection of striking sets from the German Walther collection in which classic masters of photography met contemporary African and Chinese artists.

Hunt interacted with Claude Hudelot's rare collection of panoramas representing people from the People's Republic of China. Behind these deceptive images of social cohesion, the dramatic portraits of people in mass negated their individuality.

The festival officials are used to posing for the press together with local business, government and institutional players, who also happen to be members of its board. But this year, their forced smiles in the group photographs barely concealed the backstage tensions. The results were photographs that more closely resembled images from a black comedy.

As usual, most of the exhibitions at the Rencontres are co-produced with French and foreign museums and institutions. Since last November, this financial support has begun to seize up.

Les Rencontres D'Arles —Part Deux - Document Journal

The Discovery Prize Award Given by the Luma Foundation to Chinese photographer Kechun Zhang photo courtesy of the Rencontres d'Arles After the launch of the new format, the number of visitors soared from 9, in to 96, in The Award is granted to a photographer or an artist whose work has recently been discovered or who deserves international recognition.

A second award was established thanks to the Luma Foundation in In those days, the Luma Foundation and the Rencontres were on excellent terms. On the occasion of the edition, Maja Hoffmann officially presented the entire architectural project, including a new tower designed by Frank Gehry.

This multidisciplinary building named the Arts Resource Center is due to become "a vibrant venue where artists, researchers and creators in every field would come to seek, create, produce, develop, present, meet and exchange with each other or with the public ideas, projects, impulses, works and exhibitions" in a public garden designed by Bas-Smets, according to Maja Hoffmann.

The innovative project that she describes as "an utopia" was then applauded and supported by Frederic Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication at the time, as well as by Michel Vauzelle, the president of the Regional Council and the mayor of Arles.

I was thrilled when I found out that Arles would now include a building designed by Frank Gehry, as it had always been a dream to welcome a great contemporary architectural project here.

While Gehry's Arlesian building could be considered a more modest artistic gesture, the Luma-Arles tower will represent an indisputable touristic asset as this international star of the 21st century architecture settles into the French landscape: A smart businesswoman, this patron is already purchasing an increasing number of hotels and restaurants throughout the city--a well-calculated return on investment.

Tossed between gratitude and resignation, Arlesians have mixed feelings: The Luma-Arles campus had initiated its exhibition and commission program before the completion of the new project at Parc des Ateliers.

Gehry's tower project, visible from the Alyscamps cemetery, a Roman necropolis listed as National Heritage, was then turned down by the Commission for the Protection of National Heritage, which required a new plan.

The meter high tower has been relocated in the Parc complex. This new plan was accepted by the commission, and the planning permission was signed by the city on July 9, With my gratitude for such exceptional creativity.Michael Kurcfeld visits the international photography festival Rencontres D'Arles , and sees it through the bleak lens of the modern cultural zeitgeist.

Claudine Doury (born ) is a French photographer living in Paris. Contents. Life and career.

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Doury was born in in Blois, France. In , she exhibited Beyond the Steppes at Rencontres d'Arles. Doury has been a member of Agence Vu since Publications.

Il ricco programma di Arles , Les Rencontres de la photographie, durante la settimana di apertura del luglio, in mostra fino al 24 settembre On View The Five Must-See Shows at the 48th Rencontres d’Arles.

From photojournalism to fine art photography, here are our top selections for the festival. Les Rencontres dArles Photography Festival rencontre avec joe black musique over the rainbow crire la frontire: Walter Scott, ou les chemins de lerrance, collection Textuelles, At the Fin de Sicle, Trinity College, Oxford University, June Last Night, collaboration with Joel Taylor, Galerie B, Montral, QC.

From July 7th to September 21st , Les Rencontres D’Arles – the oldest photography festival in the world – is back From July 7th to September 21st , Les Rencontres D’Arles – The Photography Festival set in the stunning backdrop of the .

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