Spdu writing a business

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Spdu writing a business

BUSINESS Company Overview We are a development stage biopharmaceutical company in the business of commercially developing innovative products for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. We believe CD-NP may be useful in several cardiovascular and renal indications.

spdu writing a business

We are also developing CU-NP, a pre-clinical rationally designed natriuretic peptide that consists of amino acid chains identical to those spdu writing a business by the human body, specifically the ring structure of C-type natriuretic peptide, or CNP, and the N- and C-termini of Urodilatin, or URO.

Immediately following the merger described above, we filed a Certificate of Ownership with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware pursuant to which we merged Old Nile with and into us, with us remaining as the surviving corporation to that merger.

Following the Merger, our business is the business conducted by Old Nile prior to the Merger. The information on, or accessible through, our website is not part of this Form K.

Current therapies for ADHF, including B-type natriuretic peptide, have been associated with favorable pharmacologic effects, but have also been associated with hypotension and decreased renal function which limit their utility in clinical practice.

CD-NP was designed to preserve the favorable effects of current therapies while eliminating or attenuating the hypotensive response, and enhancing or preserving renal function.

In addition to an initial indication for ADHF, CD-NP has potential utility in other indications which include preservation of cardiac function subsequent to acute myocardial infarction, or AMI, and prevention of renal damage subsequent to cardiac surgery.

Table of Contents Inwe completed a Phase Ia dose-escalation study in healthy volunteers to examine the safety and pharmacodynamic effects of various doses of CD-NP. The study placed particular emphasis on the effects of CD-NP on blood pressure and renal function.

Data from the completed Phase Ia study in healthy volunteers was consistent with several pre-clinical findings, including that CD-NP was associated with increased levels of plasma cGMP, a secondary messenger of the target receptor, preserved renal function, increased natriuresis and diuresis, and a minimal effect on mean arterial pressure.

Inwe initiated two additional dose-escalation studies to assess the safety and pharmacodynamic profile of CD-NP in heart failure patients. The first study was a Phase Ib study in stable heart failure patients designed to understand the maximum tolerated dose of the product candidate, and the second study was a Phase IIa study in acute heart failure patients designed to better understand the hemodynamic properties of the product candidate.

Results from the first cohort of patients in the study suggested that CD-NP was associated with a statistically significant reduction in pulmonary capillary wedge pressure, a statistically significant increase in diuresis, a trend toward reduction in right atrial pressure, and a trend toward increase in cardiac output at dose levels where patients did not experience symptomatic hypotension or an observed change in serum creatinine.

The study dosing was completed at the end of We also believe that the the anticipated therapeutic dose range, CD-NP produced a statistically significant reduction in pulmonary capillary wedge pressure. Inwe plan to initiate a Phase IIb study in acute heart failure patients to continue to assess the safety and tolerability of CD-NP, as well as to measure the effect of CD-NP on dyspnea and renal function.

We expect to complete this Phase IIb study in In animal models, CU-NP was shown to increase natriuresis, diuresis, and glomerular filtration rate in a dose dependent manner, decrease cardiac filling pressure, and inhibit the renin-angiotensin system without inducing significant hypotension.

Inwe manufactured a supply of CU-NP. Inwe plan to complete additional pharmacological studies, investigate chronic formulations, and, if possible, initiate pre-clinical toxicology and manufacturing activities. Table of Contents 2NTX The small molecule in our pipeline was 2NTX, an anti-platelet, anti-atherothrombotic agent with nitric oxide, or NO, donating properties that was in pre-clinical development.

Mechanistically, 2NTX inhibits the synthesis and action of thromboxane and enhances prostacyclin production. Prostacyclin and NO work together to inhibit platelet adhesion and aggregation, induce vasodilation, and protect the vascular wall from atherogenic stimuli.

We believe that the unique activity profile of 2NTX has potential utility in a range of atherosclerotic, thrombotic, and microvascular diseases, including intermittent claudication and diabetic nephropathy. We performed pre-clinical toxicology and manufacturing activities for 2NTX inwith the intention of filing an IND and enter human testing in We decided to end the 2NTX program and to focus our resources on the development of our natriuretic peptides.

Following the effectiveness of the termination, all rights to 2NTX will revert to Dr. Intellectual Property and License Agreements Our goal is to obtain, maintain and enforce patent protection for our products, formulations, processes, methods and other proprietary technologies, preserve our trade secrets, and operate without infringing on the proprietary rights of other parties, both in the United States and abroad.

Our policy is to actively seek to obtain, where appropriate, the broadest intellectual property protection possible for our current product candidates and any future product candidates, proprietary information and proprietary technology through a combination of contractual arrangements and patents, both in the United States and abroad.

Even patent protection, however, may not always afford us with complete protection against competitors who seek to circumvent our patents. If we fail to adequately protect or enforce our intellectual property rights or secure rights to patents of others, the value of our intellectual property rights would diminish.

We will continue to depend upon the skills, knowledge and experience of our scientific and technical personnel, as well as that of our advisors, consultants and other contractors, none of which is patentable. To help protect our proprietary know-how, which is not patentable, and for inventions for which patents may be difficult to enforce, we currently rely and will in the future rely on trade secret protection and confidentiality agreements to protect our interests.

To this end, we require all of our employees, consultants, advisors and other contractors to enter into confidentiality agreements that prohibit the disclosure of confidential information and, where applicable, require disclosure and assignment to us of the ideas, developments, discoveries and inventions important to our business.

The intellectual property portfolio for CD-NP includes issued and pending United States, European, and Japanese patents relating to its composition of matter and method of use in treating heart failure and symptoms associated with heart failure.

Patent applications have been filed in other major markets around the world. We intend to continue to expand our patent portfolio by filing to protect any additional patents covering expanded uses for this technology.

Table of Contents Under the terms of the Mayo License Agreement, Old Nile made an up-front cash payment to Mayo and reimbursed it for past patent expenses. Old Nile also issued 1, shares of Old Nile common stock to Mayo. Additionally, Mayo will receive performance-based cash payments upon successful completion of clinical and regulatory milestones relating to CD-NP.

spdu writing a business

We also have agreed to pay Mayo substantial milestone payments upon the receipt of regulatory approval for each additional indication of CD-NP as well as for additional compounds or analogues contained in the intellectual property.The writing style of a business report should be brief and to the point.

Business managers usually don’t have time to deal with paragraphs of information that are not essential—so the more concise and precise your style . Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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