The inchcape rock summary

Roger McGough present is an English poet from Liverpool who performs his poems publicly. A teacher and a lecturer in his early life, he was also a successful pop singer along with John Gorman and Mike McGear in a trio. As a poet, he gained national recognition through the publication of The Mersey Sound in The Mersey Sound was an anthology of the poems of three Liverpool poets.

The inchcape rock summary

The Inchcape Rock is known for its infamy as causation for shipwreck. This poem by Robert Southey revolves around the famous folktale of an Abbot, a monk who placed a bell on the reef to issue warning to seamen and seafarers about the impending danger during storms.

But a sea robber named Ralph cut down the bell to earn money and treasures from the ships that fatally crashed against the rock.

This is when he hears death bells ringing. The poem Inchcape Rock is a ballad. It is a lengthy poem consisting of seventeen stanzas. The poet begins the poem with a calm tone describing the sea. No wind troubled the ships and her keel was firmly set in the ocean. The second stanza describes the Inchcape Rock on which the waves are gently moving without making any impact on the Inchcape Bell.

The waves are rising and falling without moving the Inchcape Bell. The third stanza talks about the wise Abbot of Aberbrothok who had placed the bell on the Rock to prevent ships from getting shipwrecked during storms and gales.

The bell was placed on a buoy. When a storm occurred, the buoy would float and in turn ring the bell which would provide a warning for seamen. When the Rock was full of water by the strong waves during high tide, the bell would ring and warn the sailors against the Rock.

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Then they used to thank the Abbot of Aberbrothok for his idea of placing a bell to prevent shipwrecks. The fifth stanza is cheerful in tone.

It is about a joyful day where the sun was shining brightly and sea birds were circling above, screaming. Their chirping brought joy to all. The sixth stanza speaks about the buoy which looked like a dark, visible speck on the green ocean. Sir Ralph walked up to his deck and saw the dark speck.

He sang and whistled. He was extremely happy. However, he had a wicked plan in his mind which made him so glad. We find Ralph looking at the Inchcape Rock with his eyes fixed on it in the eighth stanza.

He asks his sailors to take him to the Rock. In his mind he has already planned to destroy the good work of the Abbot of Aberbrothok. In the ninth stanza, we find the men had already lowered the boat and they are reaching Inchcape Rock.

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The Rover is all set to execute his wicked plan. Click here to Subscribe to Beamingnotes YouTube channel In the next stanza we find the bell sinking down making a sound.

There were bubbles bursting all around. Ralph says with disregard that no more will anyone thank the Abbot. In the eleventh stanza, we find the rover becomes rich by looting the wealth and treasures from the shipwrecked ships.

He directed his ship towards the shore of Scotland. The ships that came near the Inchcape Rock did not hear the warning bell anymore, as it was cut down. Therefore, the ships suffered shipwrecks and they were looted by Sir Ralph.

The twelfth stanza is about a day where the sun could not be seen. The atmosphere was hazy and strong winds blew the whole day and by evening the storm was clear.

The inchcape rock summary

The atmosphere somewhat signifies that something was going to happen.An Approach to ICSE English provides a platform to contribute, discuss and comment on the various issues related to the study and practice of English for the students and teachers of ICSE syllabus.

The Inchcape rock is based on the idiom "What goes around comes around" or even "Tit for Tat"! the poem speaks about a huge and perilous rock, known as the Inchcape rock near the coast of Scotland.

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