Thesis 2.0 change background color

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Thesis 2.0 change background color

Thesis 2.0 change background color

Listen to my interview with Dena Simmons or read the transcript: The difference between teachers and their students has never been so stark. Future projections show the white population shrinking to a smaller and smaller proportion of the whole, and the combined populations of of students from other ethnic groups increasing so that together, they Thesis 2.0 change background color up a steadily growing majority.

By contrast, teachers in the U. What this tells me is that the life experiences of most of the people in charge of our classrooms have been pretty different from the experiences of most of their students.

It matters because our work is not strictly academic. Not by a long shot. In order for our students to perform well academically, they need to feel safe, both physically and psychologically.

They need to feel a sense of belonging. They need to feel seen and valued for who they are. For our students of color, finding this safe, accepting place is rare, especially if most of their teachers have a dramatically different background from their own. This problem can be even more pronounced for students of color who attend schools where their peers are also mostly white.

Dena Simmonsthe director of education at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligenceunderstands this problem far too well. This struggle was made much harder by many of her teachers, in the things they said to her and the messages they sent, messages that basically told Dena that who she was was not okay.

In her TED talk, she gives us a glimpse of how that worked. We can teach our young people to love themselves by centering our instruction on their lives, their realities and their experiences, and using their lives as cultural reference to our instruction.

Really get to know your students. This is the first step toward helping students love themselves. This should be done in both formal and informal ways: A simple survey can help you gather information quickly, and spending time with students outside of class can help you see them in a different light.

Create ways for students to bring pieces of their lives into the classroom. One way Simmons did this was to have students create personalized playlists of their favorite school-appropriate music that could be played during certain class activities. Instead, we could explain that students need to become bilingual, that using academically standard language will open doors for them in some contexts.

This approach honors where students come from and acknowledges the value of their home vernacular. Simmons advises teachers to have an honest conversation with students: When we do that, we create a space for our students of color to know that their schooling values their experiences, and it values who they are.

They internalize that their communities matter, and they also begin to understand that they have a role in developing and engaging in their communities. What I learned when I had to leave the Bronx to go to boarding school was that the Bronx had nothing to offer me.

How painful it was to think of the place that raised me, the place that I called home was actually not good. And so I had to spend some time reshifting and reframing how I thought about the Bronx, that the Bronx was something to return to as opposed to something to leave. And I think educators, in the process of seeing their communities and their families as assets, begin to shift from deficit-based mindset to an asset-based mindset.

Use community resources as curriculum. You can invite community members in as guest speakers or take students on field trips to local establishments. Doing this gives students a sense of pride in their neighborhood and helps them see home as an abundant place.

Keep parents involved through multiple channels. Expose Students to Role Models of Color Growing up, Simmons says most of the role models she saw in the media were white.

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I learned to think that everything white was better … I think that is true for many people of color. Invite guest speakers and mentors of color into the classroom.

Find ways to arrange visits or guest presentations people of color who work in all sorts of industries. Make sure your classroom or school library has a variety of texts that include positive, diverse characters. Support efforts to improve teacher diversity. Currently, there is a shortage of teachers of color in the U.

Thesis 2.0 change background color

This report by the Center for Amercian Progress outlines steps that can be taken by states, districts, school leaders, and universities to attract, train, and retain teachers of color.How to change the background color of your Top Menu using Thesis WordPress theme How to create custom a (page not found) page using Thesis WordPress theme How to create custom page without any coding or plugin using Thesis theme (version and above).

Aug 10,  · How to Easily Update Your Website w Wordpress Themes (WordPress Tutorial #3) 1MINaDAY. Color contrast is measured as a ratio of brightness to darkness, the brightness of a color against the darkness of the color it appears on top of. WCAG guidelines specify different contrast ratios depending on the size and weight of the font text, for normal text less than 14 points, or for point bold or point non-bold text.

How to add a solid background color + top navigation and tables on your profile Insert the code provided below and adjust the colors to your likings in the CSS box. Oct 06,  · Change Event Color. Following up on this, the code seemed pretty intense for what I wanted to do. I use the Thesis theme, so I was able to change the color just using this code in the Custom CSS file: Event Organiser Pro Beta available July 19, ; Event Organiser Stripe November 3, ;.

When you print an Adobe InDesign document, a white box or color wash appears around transparent objects (for example, text with a drop shadow or an object with feathered edges).

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